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Christmas Front Door

Holiday Front Door

It was pointed out to me the other day that I haven’t posted anything in a while.  That wasn’t news to me, but I thought, what better reason to write something.  Because the weather has been so beautiful outside, I was able to finish a few projects that I started a year or two ago.

Front Door

Holiday Door

Holiday Front Door 1

Joy Sign

The first was this JOY sign.  A year and a half ago, there was a sign on the road that read free barn wood, and I noticed a guy in the back pulling down a barn.  I stopped to see what wood was a available and ended up with a few pieces with weathered, peeling paint. (I wouldn’t bring this wood into my house, because who knows what the paint is, but seems safe on my front porch and stored in the front corner of my garage.)

back of Joy Sign

I pulled out the old nails and simply used some scraps of wood on the back to attach the two boards together.  (I used some larger pieces of scrap to give the board some weight, so that I would not have to pick the sign back up every time the wind blows.)

Wooden reindeer

I also put this little reindeer together with some scraps of wood that I had.  I drew the shape of the body on a large piece of paper and traced it onto some scraps of wood.  I also traced a second peice for each side to give him some dimension.  The legs are spindles from a craft store.  (They are silver becasue they were part of the candlesticks that were in the center of all of the tables at my wedding. Yes, they were beautifully hand made by my mother and aunt.) I used bark from a birch tree, that I had to sadly cut down, for the ears and the tail.  The antlers are made from metal crafting wire I purchased at the Dollar Store.

Holiday Pot

I filled the pots by my front door with evergreen branches left over from trimming our Christmas tree along with some of the branches from the birch tree.  The pots are topped of with some large ornaments.


sled with reindeer

The green sled was made by my grandfather years ago and I filled it with some birch logs to carry the birch theme through.

Front Door

I updated the door which you can see here.  Also, I made the wreath last winter, and you can see the instructions here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.  Thanks for reading.

Holiday Front Door

If you have a front door you would like to share, please feel free to add it in the comments. Thank you.

Until next time, happy creating…



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Front Door Update

black front door

Since we moved into our house seven years ago, the outside of our house has undergone a huge transformation, but I have continued to struggle with the front door.  First of all, when we moved in, it was a faded blue color and the handle was brass. And then there is the leaded glass window, it is not just not my style, especially with the brass leading.  I have looked into replacing the glass, but it is about the same as a new door…

My husband and I painted our house, by hand, and replaced the shutters.  We also added a front porch and changed a lot of the landscaping.  In addition, I have painted the door a rainbow of colors; blue, brown, a shade of purple which I regretted almost immediately, and lastly it was red.

This is what the house looked like before we moved in.

original house

Here is the house after we added the front porch and changed the shutters.  The front door is open in this picture, so I have no idea what color it was at this time.

house phase 2

Sitting on my front porch recently, I decided that part of my problem I have with the door is that no matter what color I painted it, I could barely see the color because of the size of the window and the exterior screen door.

So, I boldly decided to paint the screen door frame.  I was nervous about this and after I did the first coat, which looked terrible, I was REALLY nervous.

Thankfully, after two coats of paint and a new black screen door handle, I was thrilled with how it looked.

Here is what it looked like red. (There is no good time of day to get a clear picture of my front door.)

red front door

 And here it is painted black.

black front door

Our House

our house front door

Until next time, happy creating…


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Mini Gallery Wall

gallery wall

Because of the crazy weather this year, my school schedule and my kids school schedule were not quite the same over Easter break.  So, I found myself with two days all to myself.

If you know me at all, I can not just sit still, so I decided something needed to be done about this wall…

the blank canvas

I walk down the stairs every morning and it taunts me with its nothingness.  It was time to put a stop to it.

I gathered old frames that I had lying around, purchased the wooden R from Target, and set about my project for the day.

It turns out that my island was the perfect size to replicate the wall space.  I covered it with wax paper to protect it from the paint, and started laying out the frames I had.  After moving them around a lot, I decided on this layout.

gallery frames

It is not very pleasing to the eye right now with all of the different colors and textures, so I grabbed a can of black paint from the basement and set to work painting them.  (One of the frames is made out of plastic, so I roughed it up a little with sandpaper to help the paint adhere better.)

painted gallery frames

Much more uniform.

Once they dried, I hung them up…

gallery wall

I even painted the frames you see on the distant wall.  They were a dark wood, but I wanted them to match the new gallery wall.  I put black and white photos in all of the frames so the look wasn’t too busy.  I had a great time going though old photos and picking my favorites.  I choose old ones for the distant frames, the boys got a kick out of looking at themselves…”When we were little.”

Gallery Wall

The black piece you see that looks like it has a white circle in it is a hook my Mother-in-Law bought me years ago.  It is a little architectural piece with a crystal doorknb and two hooks.  It is unusual and I love it, we use it to hang car keys when we walk in the door.

gallery wall 2

 (Last summer we went to Charleston, SC and the iron work there was amazing.  The boys and I took pictures of pieces that represented our initials.  You can also buy letter photos at most craft fairs these days, it was just more fun to find them all ourselves.)

architectural letter

initial gallery wall

Gallery wall 3

Until next time…Happy Creating.


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DIY Five Minute Table Runner


Honestly…five minutes…maybe less.

If you have not been to a fabric store lately, you will be shocked by the types of burlap that exist these days.  I mean really…




It comes in all sorts of patterns and colors, even metallics.

I picked out a white burlap and bought half a yard.


Then I simply pulled out several of the threads on each side to give it a frayed look.

burlap fraying

I then ran one line of fray check down the back of each side to prevent other threads from coming out.

fray check

I added a stamp to the end for decoration.


stamped edge

And that is it!

burlap table runner



Happy Creating!

Dawn Marie

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DIY Winter Wreath

winter wreath 7

This DIY winter wreath is easy and inexpensive to make.  I was inspired to create this by a wreath I saw online at West Elm for $60.  The one I created cost less than $20 and took about an hour and a half to make.



I started with some supplies:

1 1/2 yard of fleece

wire wreath frame

supplies for the little birds which you can find here

wreath supplies

I cut the fleece into 1 inch by 7 inch strips.

fleece strips

Then I simply tied them onto the wreath frame with a single knot.

winter wreath 1

winter wreath 2

winter wreath 4

winter wreath 5

And here are the aborable little birds I learned to make at this blog site.

cardinal 1

cardinal 2

cardinal 3

They were really easy and fun to make.  The only change I made was I used pins for the eyes.  It seemed easier than gluing little beads onto them.

I simply hot glued the birds to the wreath and used a red ribbon to hang it on my front door.

wreath 6

winter wreath 7

winter wreath 8

winter wreath 9

winter wreath

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