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I have done a lot of updating in my kitchen over the years. I think it is because it is the room in the house that we spend the most time in.  Either sharing a meal together, completing homework, cooking together, or playing a game at the table. It is also the room you see when you walk in the front door.

You can see some of the changes in the post: Kitchen before and after.
I have always wanted a mosaic tile backsplash in the kitchen, but at a minimum of $25 a square foot, it can be cost prohibitive. I have 18 feet of counter that needs a backsplash. That easily becomes $450 before purchasing adhesive and grout.

I make a habit of checking the clearance section whenever I am at Lowe’s. I have bought everything from light fixtures to faucets there. I was lucky enough to come across the tile I used for my backsplash in this clearance area. There was just enough to complete my backsplash.

This tile was perfect for my kitchen because it pulled together the dark gray of my lower cabinets as well as the gray paint on the walls. The stone picks up the colors from the countertop, as you can see in the photo above.

The tile was originally over $25, but I bought it for around $3 a square foot. Some of the tiles were broken or chipped, but I bought an extra square foot of tile and used the extra square foot to take apart and replace the broken tiles.

Because the tiles came in so many sizes, I was able to remove and replace tiles to fit around a lot of the light switches. There were very few cuts to complete this backsplash.

Here is the finished result.

Until next time, happy creating…

Dawn Marie

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