A Fireplace Update

This is the one room in my house that has been at a bit of a standstill. We have a very different vision for this room, but minus gallons (and gallons) of paint, not much has changed here. 

When we moved in, all of the paneling around the room was dark and there was an old heater attached to the wall next to the pot belly stove. This room was an addition, and when it was built (long before we lived here) there was no duct work put in, meaning no a/c and no heat. We could never really make the heater work, and it was ugly, so we took it out a few years ago. Unfortunately, this room is very cold in the winter…

Recently I just couldn’t look at the fireplace anymore. I know people have very different opinions about painting brick, but I just could not look at that dark corner anymore. 

I was feeling as though all of the light in the room was sucked into the corner. Therefor, I needed a change. Ultimately I would like to remove the brick from this room and put a gas fireplace in, so painting the brick isn’t really a forever fix for me, which made it a little less scary. 

I bought a really good primer and started. 

This was definitely the scariest step, because primer is awful and always makes you wonder if you did the wrong thing. But, I charged ahead and after two coats of paint, I was happy. 

To cover up the concrete shelves that sadly hung off the wall I made simple boxes out of wood boards. I left one side open and just hung them over the concrete. I am really happy with how they turned out. They are much more substantial and seem more proportional to the space. 

What was once a dark hole, has new life. For now…

Until next time, happy creating. 

Dawn Marie 

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