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Concrete Planters


The boys and I were looking for something to do today, and it was a beautiful day, so we decided to try a new project. 

I had been wanting to try concrete pots for a while, but just didn’t gather the supplies to try it. I knew I wanted several different size pots and I knew I needed an outside and inside form for each. 

I wasn’t exactly sure what to use for the forms which is why I didn’t start this sooner, but, I was inspired at the dollar store. I collected a bunch of plastic buckets of different sizes. Then, we headed to Lowe’s for quickcrete and spray paint. I bought a few paint mixing buckets there as well. I wasn’t sure how many pots I was going to be able to make with a bag of quickcrete so I wanted to be sure I had enough forms as to not be left with extra concrete. 

I was lucky enough to have two helpers to mix the concrete. We mixed in an old wheel barrow according to the directions on the quickcrete bag. 

Once it was all mixed, we filled our forms.  We sprayed the part of the plastic that was touching the concrete with Pam cooking spray, to help the form slip off the concrete. I’m not certain whether or not this worked, because some of the plastic buckets came off, and others I had to cut. I put concrete in the bottoms of the plastic buckets first and patted it flat, then I put the smaller plastic pot in and filled around the edges. 

Then, I let it dry. As I mentioned, some of the plastic I was able to remove and can use again, others I had to cut. 

Once the pots were out, I used paper and duct tape to cover the part I didn’t want to spray paint. 

When I removed the duct tape, I had nice clean lines. I like the contrast of the metallic gold with the rustic feel of the concrete. 

Happy creating….


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