Front Door Update

Since we moved into our house seven years ago, the outside of our house has undergone a huge transformation, but I have continued to struggle with the front door.  First of all, when we moved in, it was a faded blue color and the handle was brass. And then there is the leaded glass window, it is not just not my style, especially with the brass leading.  I have looked into replacing the glass, but it is about the same as a new door…

My husband and I painted our house, by hand, and replaced the shutters.  We also added a front porch and changed a lot of the landscaping.  In addition, I have painted the door a rainbow of colors; blue, brown, a shade of purple which I regretted almost immediately, and lastly it was red.

This is what the house looked like before we moved in.

original house

Here is the house after we added the front porch and changed the shutters.  The front door is open in this picture, so I have no idea what color it was at this time.

house phase 2

Sitting on my front porch recently, I decided that part of my problem I have with the door is that no matter what color I painted it, I could barely see the color because of the size of the window and the exterior screen door.

So, I boldly decided to paint the screen door frame.  I was nervous about this and after I did the first coat, which looked terrible, I was REALLY nervous.

Thankfully, after two coats of paint and a new black screen door handle, I was thrilled with how it looked.

Here is what it looked like red. (There is no good time of day to get a clear picture of my front door.)

red front door

 And here it is painted black.

black front door

Our House

our house front door

Until next time, happy creating…


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