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DIY Stump Table

Stump Table

I love this project because it cost me absolutely nothing to make and only an hour of time.

A friend of mine gave me the stump from a tree that was recently cut down. I let it dry out for several months.

tree stump 1

I used a crow bar to remove the bark. This only took a matter of minutes.  If the crow bar doesn’t fit between the bark and the wood, y

crow bar

bark removal

bark removed


Once the bark was off, I sanded the stump to smooth out the rough edges.

I then used a protective clear coat, since it will be sitting outside. The clear coat really brought out the grain of the wood.

With a little help, I carried it to my patio.

Stump Table 3

Stump Table

Stump Table 1

Stump Table

Until next time, happy creating…


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