Upcycled Planter

I happened upon this galvanized steel garbage can, and I knew it had more life in it.

It is a great size, about 30 inches high and 15 inches across.  I decided it would make a great planter, so I brought it home.

I knew I had spray paint and a stencil at home that I bought for another project which you can see here.  So, at no actual cost, except for the plants, I created this planter.

Here is what I started with.

galvanized garbage can

After drilling a hole in the bottom so water can drain, I stenciled the can with spray paint.

garbage can with stencil

I chose to offset the flowers on the front and back and stencil one full flower on each side.  I did not measure anything, I just taped them on and went for it.

galvanized planter 1

galvanized planter 2

I coated the whole thing with a clear coat to protect it a bit from the weather.

I filled the inside of the planter with empty plastic containers (at the suggestion of a friend) so that it would be light enough to carry with dirt and plants in it.

planter filler

Then, I added potting soil and plants…

upcycled planter

upcycled planter

Upcycled Planter

Until next time…happy creating.


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