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DIY Lanterns


We got a new outdoor fireplace this year and I was trying to make our patio into more of an outdoor living room.

I added the painted pots I made here two weeks ago, but I needed to add something on the other side.

So, I decided I would figure out how to make lanterns.

I started with a trip to Lowe’s  to pick up the lumber. I bought a four foot by eight inch board and several trim pieces to use for the supports.

lantern supplies

I stained the wood before I cut it so I would just have to touch it up before assembling the pieces.

lantern parts

I made three lanterns.  12 inches, 20 inches, and 30 inches.  I found drawer pulls at a flea market to use as lantern handles.  I attached them first.

drawer pulls

lantern tops

I predrilled holes into the four corners of the tops and the bottoms.  I used wood glue to stabalize the supports.



I attached the tops and the bottoms and purchased indoor/outdoor LED candles to put in my lanterns.


DIY lanterns

DIY lanterns 1

DIY lanterns 2

Now, it’s time for a glass of wine and a fire…Until next time, happy creating.



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Painted Pots


We had a beautiful week here, which inspired me to plant spring flowers.

(This was  against the advice of my local nursery who said I should wait until Memorial Day, but I have decided to go against some solid advice and arm myself with sheets in case of a frost.)

That being said I planted LOTs of flowers outside this weekend, so I am simply hoping for weather above freezing until Memorial Day.  Fingers crossed.

While shopping for flowers I was also looking for some new planters for my patio.  The prices of pots that I am going to fill with dirt seem a little high, but plain terracotta pots are very affordable.

These are some pots I found that I liked.

Lowe's pots

 The larger pot was $15 and the small one was $10.

Then I found these terra-cotta pots outside.

terracotta pots

For the same size pots, I paid $5 and $2.75.

I then walked myself over to the spray paint.  I chose a bright teal color.

spray paint

I took the pots home and sprayed the top edge of the pot.  I did not worry about getting paint on the lower part because I was going to paint the rest of the pot black with a brush.

Painted pot

Partially painted pots

I simply painted the bottom with a black enamel paint that I had left at home from another project.  I put my newly purchased plants in the pot and set them on my patio.


 Until next time…Happy creating.


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