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DIY Five Minute Table Runner


Honestly…five minutes…maybe less.

If you have not been to a fabric store lately, you will be shocked by the types of burlap that exist these days.  I mean really…




It comes in all sorts of patterns and colors, even metallics.

I picked out a white burlap and bought half a yard.


Then I simply pulled out several of the threads on each side to give it a frayed look.

burlap fraying

I then ran one line of fray check down the back of each side to prevent other threads from coming out.

fray check

I added a stamp to the end for decoration.


stamped edge

And that is it!

burlap table runner



Happy Creating!

Dawn Marie

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DIY Keychain


I have been wanting to try metal stamping for a while, so I created this little project for Valentine’s Day.

I ordered letter stamps on a jewelry site for $14.  I also ordered the metal pendants that I used on the site as well.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to make, so I ordered some different sizes.  The pendants are mostly under a dollar each.

metal stamps

metal stamps

metal pendants

Once I recieved them and could better gauge the size (It is hard for me to visualize things measured in millimeters).  Then, I planned out how I wanted them to look.

I decided on the phrase “Amor Vincit Omnia” which means “love conquers all”.

Then, I just grabbed a hammer and tried it out.  It was extremely easy.  I should note that I have seen people do this on washers to make necklaces and so far I have not been successful doing this, they are really hard metal and the stamp slips making a double imprint.  I will keep trying and see if I can find the right formula and let you all know.

I have also seen people use a black sharpie or acrylic paint to emphasize the letters, but I did not feel that I needed to do this.

So, here is the final project.  Now I have to hope my husband doesn’t look at my website before Saturday.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

metal pandant

metal keychain

metal keychain

metal keychain


Until next time, happy creating…

Dawn Marie

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