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Organizing a Mud Room


When we moved into this house, one of the first projects we did was the mud room.  It was a dark, wood paneled, poorly organized space that I knew could be better utilized.

We all secretly dream that we have this perfect space to put all of the coats, and shoes, and backpacks, but unless you are willing to give up an entire family room worth of space, it is hard to have enough space for all of the things that would go into a mud room.

The total space of this room is about five feet by seven feet.  However, the seven feet includes three feet of space that is only three feet wide, so in reality, my working space is four feet by five feet.

My husband and I built four cubbies, one for each member of the family.  We put a bunch of hooks in each one to accommodate various sweatshirts and coats.

mudroom cubbies

I added baskets under the coats to hold hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses….

mudroom baskets

There is a bench to sit and put on shoes or the put things down when you first walk into the house.

mudroom shoes

Under this are cubbies with bins to hold shoes.  I rotate out the shoes that are appropriate for the season.

On the opposite wall is a dry erase calendar so we can keep track of the various school events, sporting events, and other activities.

mudroom calendar

Under the calendar are hooks to hold the boys backpacks.

mudroom backpacks

There is a space above the cubbies where we store snacks for lunch boxes.

mudroom snacks

I painted the door with chalk board paint so that I can leave last minute reminders, or the boys can just doodle.

mudroom door

mudroom door

mudroom door

The floor is ceramic tile because it is easy to clean up.  In the winter there is a large mat and a boot tray for snow covered shoes.

It is one small step in my battle to stay organized…
Until next time, happy organizing…

~Dawn Marie

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DIY Wooden Snowmen

Snowman family 3.jpg

Well, all of my Christmas decorations are packed away and my basement is mostly organized.  (Emphasis on mostly.)  But with the cold and snow outside, I had a hard time saying goodbye to my Christmas decorations this year.  I decided I needed some cheery, little, winter decorations.

I saw snowmen similar to this on Pinterest, but I wanted to put my own twist on them.

I started with some scraps of 2x4s (not pressure treated), some “lonely” socks, and some paint.  I really do not understand what happens to socks.  How can they be worn by someone with two feet, put in a laundry basket, brought to the washing machine, switched to the dryer, then when they are ready to be folded, mysteriously, there are missing socks!  It drives me crazy…but I digress.

I cut the 2x4s to various lengths (sort of in representation of our family) and painted them with some leftover white primer.  I then added little eyes and a carrot nose with some acrylic paint.  I aslo added several buttons.

Then I made their little hat and scarf. I simply used string to tie the top of the hat.


I then cut the scarf. Cut at an angle so you can make the scarf any length that you want.



Just dress the snowman, and and you have some little snow friends.



Until next time…happy creating.

Dawn Marie

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Get Organized


In the process of taking down and putting away Christmas decorations I said to myself, “What better time than now to get organized?”  Half of my basement is pulled apart anyway because all of the Christmas totes, and I have all of the boys Christmas presents that need homes in the toy room.  And really, it is a new year…

So, while I am only part way there, here are a few of the things that I organized.

I bought these plastic drawers at Big Lots for less than $25, I have seen them for upwards of $40 at Target, so you may need to shop around a little.  I really like them because they are compact and no storage space is wasted.  I also like that I can see into the drawers.

This is a small closet I have in the hallway that stores some of my craft supplies.  It was such a mess that I mostly ignored it being there rather than look for things in it.  It took a while, but it is like I suddenly just got all of this new stuff.  I put similar things together as much as possible, but then clearly labeled what was in each drawer.


Sadly, in my basement, under the stairs, I had a rediculous pile of gift bags and wrapping supplies along with boxes, ribbons, and shipping materials.  It was honestly such a mess that I couldn’t document it with photography…sorry.

The good news is I cleaned it up, vacuumed the dust bunnies up and organized it in these drawers.  I separated bags by holidays, added a drawer for boxes and one for tissue, ribbons, and bows.  Also, I no longer have to actually climb under the stairs to wrap a gift. Bonus.


I have been putting off cleaning out the toy room for a while because it is hard for me to admit how big my boys are getting. I have a lot of sentimental attachment to some of the toys that they are completely done with.  But, I toughened up and did it anyway. (Truth be told, I just moved some of the toys to a tote in my partially organized basement.  I will deal with that at some future date.)

I took out all of the old toys and labeled all of the drawers.  Believe it or not, the toys in the drawers were rarely played with because the boys never bothered to look and see what was in the drawers.  I was cleaning them out and they literally sat next to me saying things like, “I didn’t know we had that.”  Ugh, really?!


I did have this shelf nicely organized with games until the games became part of an elaborate car ramp.


Well, for now I am back to my basement…until next time, happy organizing.

Dawn Marie

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