DIY Infinity Scarf

Okay Sam, this one’s for you…

I was up early a few weeks ago and catching up on my Facebook reading, when I came a cross this post.  It was a DIY arm knitted scarf.  It just so happened that I had some yarn around, so I gave it a try.  I had two done before my boys woke up for the day.

FYI: This makes a great Christmas gift!

There are a lot of Youtube videos to make these, but I really liked this tutorial.

Here are some of the scarves I made:

infinity scarf

Infinity scarf 2infinity scarf 6


infinity scarf 3

infinity scarf 4

infinity scarf 5

They were unbelieveably easy to make.  I had a long drive over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I made most of them in the car while my hubby drove.

The different types of yarn out there are unlimited!  For most of these scarves I used two yarns as the tutorial suggests, but I also used three different yarns in a few.  This proved to be only slightly more difficult, mostly because it is easier to drop one when you are knitting.

These are all bulky or thicker yarns.  Here are some of the ones that I used:

scarf yarn



Until next time, happy creating.

Dawn Marie


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2 comments on “DIY Infinity Scarf

  1. Is mine the one with the blue in it??;)

    • Lol, Adri! I’ll claim the black and grey one 😉
      Great job, Dawn. I wish I were half as crafty as you.

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