DIY Winter Wreath

This DIY winter wreath is easy and inexpensive to make.  I was inspired to create this by a wreath I saw online at West Elm for $60.  The one I created cost less than $20 and took about an hour and a half to make.



I started with some supplies:

1 1/2 yard of fleece

wire wreath frame

supplies for the little birds which you can find here

wreath supplies

I cut the fleece into 1 inch by 7 inch strips.

fleece strips

Then I simply tied them onto the wreath frame with a single knot.

winter wreath 1

winter wreath 2

winter wreath 4

winter wreath 5

And here are the aborable little birds I learned to make at this blog site.

cardinal 1

cardinal 2

cardinal 3

They were really easy and fun to make.  The only change I made was I used pins for the eyes.  It seemed easier than gluing little beads onto them.

I simply hot glued the birds to the wreath and used a red ribbon to hang it on my front door.

wreath 6

winter wreath 7

winter wreath 8

winter wreath 9

winter wreath

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  1. Love it!!

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