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Space Saving Book Shelf

book shelf

So I was looking for a way to organize my son’s books, but I did not have the space for a large bookcase in his room.  I also wanted books to be close to his bed for before bed reading time.  I came across these wall files and I thought, that’s perfect!empty book shelfbook shelf


It was an easy fix for a messy pile of books!

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DIY Photo Cork Boards

DIY Photo Cork Boards

I have been saving corks, as have my friends and family, forever, and I was waiting for the perfect project for them.  I had also been staring at this blank wall in my kitchen for almost five years.  I just could not find the perfect thing, then this idea was born.

The only supplies you need are corks, 1/4 inch plywood, and picture hangers.  I cut the plywood into 12″x12″ squares and as you can see I made 6 boards.  I used a high temperature glue gun to adhere the corks to the board but you could also use wood glue.  I like the instant gratification of hot glue, although, my boys do occasionally knock off a cork when they run into them or they get hit by an errant ball.  Easily fixed though.

adding corks

It takes some time to fit the corks in just right beacuse they are all different lengths and widths.  I just pieced them together until I liked how they looked.  I especially like the ones from red wine because of the color on the ends.

cork close upcompleted photo

Once I had it how I liked it I added the picture hanger to the back of the board.

back of cork board

Then, find your favorite 8×10 picture and attach it with thumb tacks.  I found these round white ones at Walgreens.  I also added little clear rubber pads to the lower corners to help prevent the cork boards from being crooked.  My boys also do not help with this… 😉

photo 1


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Easy Valentine Card

photo 1

Since Valentine’s Day is literally just around the corner, I realized I should probably do something about that!  So I gathered a few supplies and created these.

photo 3


I found some white card stock, red scrapbook paper, graph paper and plastic report covers.  I used small manilla envelopes to put the cards in.

photo 2 photo 4

I used the graph paper to create a mini crossword with words I found meaningful.  I cut paper hearts the same way I cut snowflakes.  I had a patterned hole punch and I glued red cardstock behind it, cut the report covers to fit, added some ribbon and you are all set.

On the inside, you can write a special message!


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DIY chandelier shades

DIY Chandalier Shade

Our master bedroom has been a work in progress for years.  I wish I had pictures to show when we first moved in.  The carpet was dark green and from the 70s, and the walls were two DIFFERENT shades of pink.  I’m not talking about a subtle pink either… now I remember why I don’t have before pictures! It was too horrible to capture.  Also, all of the closets have floor to ceiling folding doors which I hated because they were a horrible shade of beige.  I was convinced that I was taking them down, we were building headers for all of them and I was putting regular doors up.  However, after a few coats of white spray paint, they look great and the closets are usable right to the top, without struggling to get things down, but I digress.  Anyway…we replaced the carpets IMMEDIATELY and I painted the room blue.  But, I wasn’t happy with the shade so I painted it again.  I also painted all of the trim white and replaced the doors.  So that about brings us up to date.  This is what the room looks like now.


The pictures above the bed are courtesy of my talented sister.  The shades on either side of the bed are from Pottery Barn.  I bought lamp parts at HomeDepot and the hooks are from a garden store.  But, I am ready for a simple change.


Chandalier Supplies

I bought two pillar candle holders at Hobby Lobby, misc. crystal beads from the jewelry section of Joanns, black string, and jewelry pins to hang the crystals.  Some of the larger crystals are from old chandeliers which you can get at many antique stores.

securedownload-2 photo

I had to cut the bar at the bottom in order to drill a hole for the lamp parts to go through.  If you are making a lamp shade you will still need to drill a hole for the finial.

Then add your crystals. You can make them as easy or as complicated as you like.  Then just wrap your wires around the iron.

photo 1 securedownload-3

You can add as many or as few crystals as you want!

To get them to hang I use black string which I tied to a metal ring to hand from the wall hooks.  I was pleasantly surprised with the shadows they cast…

chandaliers on the wall

Most importantly, have fun!



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Thank you so much for checking out my site… Up first, chandalier shades.

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